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St. John's Presbyterian Church

St. John's is a congregations of the Presbyterian Church in Canada (link to PCC main site). We have been a presence in Medicine Hat since 1883.

Our Connections

St John's is a congregation within The Presbyterian Church in Canada. Our denomination has about a thousand congregations coast to coast.

Presbyterians in Canada

The Presbyterian Church in Canada has its roots in churches which came from Scotland in the days when Canada was just being explored and settled British and European peoples. Though our Scottish roots are still important to us, our denomination includes people of many different cultures: First Nations, Irish, Dutch, Hungarian, Chinese, Taiwanese, Korean...this list goes on. At St John's, we draw on the gifts of many cultures through the music we use in worship and in different social occasions when we learn about one another. For a glimpse at our larger church famiy, look at the website of The Presbyterian Church in Canada: presbyterian.ca.

In Alberta, St John's is part of the Presbytery of Calgary-MacLeod and the Synod of Alberta & the North West. Through these regional groups, we share in prison ministry, seniors ministry, university chaplaincy, youth events and camping. Our provincial camp, Camp Kannawin, is on Sylvan Lake. Check out its website at www.campkannawin.ca.

Presbyterians Around the World

Presbyterians are part of a global family known as "Reformed" churches.

Reformed churches honour the teaching of Scripture in worship and in our priorities for daily life. We study scripture with all the research and skill contemporary scholarship provides - and we listen for God's Word challenging us to reach out to a world in need and to take a stand for justice for God's most vulnerable people. Presbyterians aim to be good citizens wherever we live, working for the common good in our communities, sometimes serving in public office, often volunteering in other organizations to be "good neighbours" as Jesus taught us. You can check out The World Alliance of Reformed Churches to learn more about our global family.

Presbyterians are Ecumenical

Presbyterians are ecumenical Christians, too. We are part of the World Council of Churches and the Canadian Council of Churches, learning from Christians throughout the world and working with them wherever need arises. Through our ecumenical partnerships, we share in relief efforts in times of international emergency and provide development assistance with local partners throughout the developing world. We also participate in inter-faith conversations with other religious groups locally, nationally and internationally. Ecumenical goodwill is part of Jesus' hope that his followers would find unity and peace through the gift of God's Spirit. Check out the websites of the World Council of Churches and the Canadian Council of Churches to catch the ecumenical vision.

Presbyterians work for Justice in God's World

Along with many ecumenically-minded churches in Canada, Presbyterians participate in a network called Kairos. This network provides research and advocacy into important issues of our time so that Canadian Christians are well informed. Kairos churches are concerned about human rights issues around the world and build partnerships globally and locally. We work together on environmental and economic issues, too. 'Kairos' is a Greek word from the New Testament which points to God's time, God's opportunity to act for peace and justice. Explore the Kairos network at www.kairoscanada.org.

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.

How to Find us

St. John's Presbyterian Church

Rev. Jeff Lackie
Office Hours:
Mon - Thur: 9:00am to 4:00pm
(Closed at noon for lunch)
Fridays: Closed
10:30 AM Sunday Mornings
Sunday School / Nursery:
10:30 AM Sunday Mornings (Sept. to June)
504 Second Street SE
Medicine Hat
Phone No:
403 526 4542