Medicine Hat and Area Refugee Team (MHART)

What can one person do?

What can one person do?

When you hear of the terrible plight of so many people around the world, you may think, "What can one person do?" This is an opportunity for you to help six individuals directly. They are part of a large family group, desperate to escape the trauma of life in a refugee camp and eager to rebuild a future in Canada.

MHART is an initiative of six local churches, which began in 2015, to sponsor a family from Syria. Now a non-profit society, MHART invites you to help us rescue six members of this South Sudanese family from the Kakuma Refugee camp in Kenya (pictured left) & settle them in our community.

I want to help

What can we do?

MHART plans to sponsor six of William's relatives, including his mother and five educated young people, eager to work and contribute to our community. The Government of Canada will bring these family members to Medicine Hat, provided we can raise $15,000 per person to support their first year of settlement.

MHART is able to receive contributions towards this goal of $90,000, offering charitable gift receipts at year-end for donations over $25. 100% of your gift goes to assist their settlement. For more information, please contact Donations, clearly marked for MHART, can be sent to: St. John's Presbyterian Church. Click here for details.

I want to help

Yes! I want to helpbring William Garang’s family to Medicine Hat!

What can one person do?

One person, or one family, or one group of friends can pledge support to the sponsorship appeal and help us finish raising the money needed by December 2022.

Donate now or choose to contribute your gift over the next 12 months!

Click here for a printable pledge form you can drop off in person.

Or make a contribution online:

Thank you.

Come and join us! We'd be glad to see you.

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