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Sermon: Sanctuary


by Rev. Jeff Lackie - posted on Mar 18 2019

When Jesus offers his lament over Jerusalem, there is already trouble brewing. He has suggested to his…

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Sermon: Tempted


Posted On Mar 10 2019
Maybe you had the chance to start your Lenten…
Sermon: Transfiguration


Posted On Mar 07 2019
The Jews always envisioned the Messiah coming…
Sermon: even sinners

even sinners

Posted On Feb 24 2019
“Love your enemies, do good to those who hurt…
Sermon: Apologies for Paul the apologist

Apologies for Paul the…

Posted On Feb 17 2019
Paul’s letters are full of complex internal arguments;…
Sermon: First things first

First things first

Posted On Feb 10 2019
The cross had been (until this moment) a means…

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