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Sermon: What must I do?

What must I do?

by Rev. Jeff Lackie - posted on Jul 14 2019

When we read Luke’s account, we most often imagine (because that’s what Luke tells us to imagine) an…

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Sermon: Fire from heaven

Fire from heaven

Posted On Jun 30 2019
The ones who call down fire from heaven these…
Sermon: Fear itself

Fear itself

Posted On Jun 23 2019
Are not we guilty of letting our fear bind the…
Sermon: Come Holy Spirit

Come Holy Spirit

Posted On Jun 12 2019
The spirit is trying to be heard - patiently waiting…
Sermon: How can we know

How can we know

Posted On May 26 2019
Jesus prepares his disciples for such an event…
Sermon: What about love?

What about love?

Posted On May 19 2019
The love that Jesus describes is meant for those…

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