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Sermon: To call Jesus

To call Jesus "Messiah"

by Rev. Jeff Lackie - posted on Sep 16 2018

“Get behind me...Satan...”. We quite often make this the moment - Peter has been - in the same narrative…

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Sermon: Whose God is this..?

Whose God is this..?

Posted On Sep 09 2018
But what makes Jesus moment of utter humanity…
Sermon: God is God, and we are not

God is God, and we are…

Posted On Sep 02 2018
Playing with the rules - interpreting them in…
Sermon: Where else can we go?

Where else can we go?

Posted On Aug 26 2018
The church today is consumed by the question of…
Sermon: Bread


Posted On Aug 20 2018
So there’s bread - the everyday stuff of breakfast,…
Sermon: You are the body of Christ

You are the body of Christ

Posted On Aug 13 2018
his week (August 12, 2018) our worship followed…

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