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Sermon: I will shake the heavens

I will shake the heavens

by Rev. Jeff Lackie - posted on Nov 10 2019

Our seemingly endless appetite for conflict is dampened when we pause and pray to be reminded of the…

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Sermon: Short on saints?

Short on saints?

Posted On Nov 07 2019
That’s the Sunday School version. But we need…
Sermon: God - not God

God - not God

Posted On Oct 20 2019
But because this is a story told by Jesus, it…
Sermon: Seek the peace of the city

Seek the peace of the…

Posted On Oct 13 2019
Seek the welfare of the city…look for good things…
Sermon: Faith


Posted On Oct 07 2019
But through the lens of faith, the language of…
Sermon: The least likely thing

The least likely thing

Posted On Sep 30 2019
Why, in spite of our prayers, our pleading, our…

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