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Sermon: Found


by Rev. Jeff Lackie - posted on Sep 16 2019

I have a colleague to thank for this new ‘window’ on this text. Sharing devotions at ministerial, he…

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Sermon: Posessed


Posted On Sep 08 2019
Everything we do, every action we take, comes…
Sermon: Come to the party

Come to the party

Posted On Sep 01 2019
Reading the bible from my position of privilege…
Sermon: Three against two: two against three

Three against two: two…

Posted On Aug 18 2019
So - let’s review: The peace that Jesus brings…
Sermon: Be careful what you pray for

Be careful what you pray…

Posted On Jul 25 2019
We know how to be good to one another – though…
Sermon: One necessary thing

One necessary thing

Posted On Jul 21 2019
Our interaction with the world is necessary, and…

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