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Sermon: What about love?

What about love?

by Rev. Jeff Lackie - posted on May 19 2019

The love that Jesus describes is meant for those who gather under the shadow of his cross. The love…

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Sermon: Who's that on the beach?

Who's that on the beach?

Posted On May 12 2019
The resurrection of Jesus marks a new beginning...but…
Sermon: Reality check

Reality check

Posted On May 05 2019
While it has become popular to dismiss religious…
Sermon: The edge of awareness

The edge of awareness

Posted On Apr 28 2019
We might expect the disciples to be overcome,…
Sermon: Rejoice and remember

Rejoice and remember

Posted On Apr 21 2019
There is a miracle in this moment. Yes, the tomb…
Sermon: Palm Sunday: Parade, or protest march?

Palm Sunday: Parade,…

Posted On Apr 15 2019
We have our palms - joyful singing - we see (in…

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