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Sermon: Devotion not sacrifice

Devotion not sacrifice

by Rev. Jeff Lackie - posted on Nov 11 2018

Against the noise of those who are eager that we should trust them, God’s story sings a song of utter…

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Sermon: Friends-on-the-other-side


Posted On Nov 04 2018

Message offered by Mr. Bill Cocks, on All Saints'…

Sermon: I want to see again

I want to see again

Posted On Oct 28 2018
Think about it - Bartimaeus wants to see AGAIN…he…
Sermon: Job and Jesus

Job and Jesus

Posted On Oct 07 2018
Given his ‘got-it-all-togetherness’, it’s easy…
Sermon: The Greatest...

The Greatest...

Posted On Sep 23 2018
The last shall be first. The younger will serve…
Sermon: To call Jesus

To call Jesus "Messiah"

Posted On Sep 16 2018
“Get behind me...Satan...”. We quite often make…

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